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8 Great Reasons to choose Green Man Packaging

1. Trust - Independent specialists since 2009

Green Man Packaging are independent compostable packaging specialists. 

We only deal with 100% certified compostable plant-based packaging and nothing else. You won’t find any petroleum-based, chemical-filled, toxic plastic packaging in our range, not a single straw. We are passionate about what we do and passionate about eliminating single-use plastic from the food service industry - one dirty plastic cup, lid and straw at a time.

Being fully independent allows Green Man to work with freely the world’s leading specialist compostable packaging manufacturers and UK importers. This allows us to offer over 400+ certified compostable products under one roof so we can recommend the most appropriate products without bias. You could think of us as a compostable packaging Amazon.

With almost 10 years’ experience in supplying the UK food-service industry, we fully understand the needs of the growing artisan café chain, the independent street-food vendor, the outdoor event caterer and the food festival manager more than most when it comes to compostable catering disposables.

2. Genuine - Independently Certified 100% Compostable Products

Our plant-based products are made from annually renewable plant crops like corn, sugarcane and potatoes. The waste materials from these crops (i.e. the natural starch produced from corn and the fibers from sugarcane known as bagasse) can all be made into packaging and are a great alternative to conventional petroleum-based plastics.

Our products we sell are independently certified 100% compostable by world-recognised authorities including OK compost by Vincotte and The Biodegradable Product Institute (BPI). This allows our packaging to be disposed of with general food waste after use and processed back into natural compost in under 12 weeks at an approved composting facility.

IMPORTANT: Beware of cheap fakes on the market promoted as “Eco-Friendly” or “Biodegradable” - these terms have no real substance and literally mean absolutely nothing. Quite often a product may be branded as look “eco-friendly”, “biodegradable”, “green” or “sustainable” but it will in fact contain a dirty PE plastic barrier coating on the inside of the packaging. This means that it can’t be composted or recycled after use regardless of the “Eco-Marketing Jargon” written to mislead the unsuspecting consumer. 

So now you know, don’t be fooled and inform others. If it is not independently certified 100% compostable with the specific certificates available for public viewing then it’s simply not the real deal and avoid it at all costs. 

3. Choice - Over 400+ stock products / custom printing / bespoke packaging 

Green Man stock the widest range of stock compostable catering disposables in the UK and offer custom printing together with a comprehensive bespoke packaging and design service.

Green Man customers benefit from ordering all their compostable packaging from one place with no need to contact numerous different suppliers and factories. It also means customers receive one invoice with one payment and because of our buying power, Green Man can often broker better deals for our clients then if they went direct to the supplier or factory themselves.

4. Quality - World-class products from leading manufacturers

Green Man have been working and developing products with some of the world’s leading sustainable packaging manufacturers for almost a decade. All our manufacturing partners are industry leaders in their respective specialist fields. Our fully compostable range is made from 100% plant based materials including cornstarch (PLA/CPLA/RCPLA), sugarcane bagasse, paperboard and birchwood from sustainably managed forests and recycled paper pulp.

As Green Man only work with the best, our customers are guaranteed the best. The product lines we stock have been individually selected in terms of quality, aesthetics, value for money and eco-credentials by a team of independent industry experts. Before a product is allowed to be listed, is put through a series of internal tests and assessments which include;

Quality – How does the product look and feel? Like a quality item, worthy of serving the finest food? What is the thickness, durability and suitability of the material? Does it make the grade?

Eco-Credentials - Is the item certified 100% compostable by an independent, recognised, approved and respected composting association? No certificate, no listing, simple.

Practicality - How does it perform in a high-speed serving situation? Is it easily assembled or difficult to open quickly?

Functionality - How does the packaging perform in terms of holding the food and keeping the temperature correct? Allowing it to breathe but still stay warm for long enough? How does it travel?

Aesthetics – how does the product look? Like a quality item with a natural yet up-market finish? Does it represent your brand well?

This strict elimination process allows Green Man to select only the finest quality products from the “also-rans”. Cream will always rise to the top and only the best make it into our exclusive “eco-chic” range.

5. Peace of mind - All products fully guaranteed

All our manufacturing partners are proud to stand behind their products with a full manufacturer warranty. This means that all products supplied by Green Man carry a full “no quibble” refund or replace policy, so in the unlikely event you should be unsatisfied with any item or there is a fault with any goods, we will refund or replace without any fuss.

6. Same day dispatch to UK & Europe

Our stock items are all available for same day dispatch. We offer a next-day UK mainland delivery service as standard on all orders placed before 1pm and can dispatch goods for delivery to Europe within 2-5 working days. 

7. Warehousing, Stock Management & Courier Delivery Service

Short on storage space? No problem, Green Man offer a full warehousing & logistics service with weekly pallet storage rates starting from as little as £2 per pallet per week. Custom printed stock and other goods can be held at our main UK warehouse and dispatched on demand to any number of UK or European outlets. We can handle all customer requirements ranging from 1 to 100 individual site deliveries per day, 6 days a week.

8. Experienced, Friendly & Helpful Staff

We do not use automated phone messages or take several days to respond to emails. We aim to answer the phone within 3 rings and you get to speak directly with an experienced, friendly human here in the UK, who can get things sorted for you. Our staff care about what they do, the service they provide and the products they supply.

Our creative team can also assist with custom printing and bespoke packaging, so if you have an idea you’d like to explore please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.