Why You Should Re-Evaluate Your Sandwich Packaging

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Why You Should Re-Evaluate Your Sandwich Packaging

There is more to a successful sandwich than getting the ingredients right. Of course, fresh produce and an appetising filling is crucial, but there is a little more required to make sure the consumer enjoys the sandwich fresh.

Ensuring you've got the right product is one step in building your sandwich empire. Increasingly customers are keen to take their sandwich to go, and with the UK's chilled sandwich industry worth £8-billion in 2017 it seems like an easy win.

Profitable businesses often depend on customer loyalty, after all typically 20% of your customers make up 80% of your sales. For this reason it is essential to ensure the consumer has a pleasant experience with your brand to increase your chances of a repeat purchase. 

In creating a pleasant experience for the customer the number one factor to consider is how the sandwich is presented to the customer. There are two reasons for this;

  1. It must look appealing to persuade the customer to purchase.
  2. It must be functional. Sandwich packaging must perform well for its purpose to ensure the contents remain fresh and prevent your sandwiches from becoming stale or soggy.

We've come up with a number of considerations you should look at when packaging up your delicious sandwiches. 

#1 Test Out Your Options

You should first ensure the packaging you're using is fit for it's purpose. You should consider your requirements - made to order sandwiches don't require the same conditions as pre-made chilled sandwiches.

We've listed our eco-friendly options below - if you're interested in testing them out get in touch for free samples.

Sandwich Wedges

Biodegradable Sandwich Cartons

Our eco-friendly sandwich wedges come in three size options standard, deep fill and triple. Our sandwich wedges boast a compostable grease-resistant lining and plant-based PLA windows so customer can have a look at what delicious filling is inside.

Torilla Wrap Boxes

Biodegradable Tortilla Wrap Box

Our eco-friendly tortilla wrap boxes are perfect for packaging your tasty wraps. These cartons also boast a plant-based PLA window for great visibility. 

Sandwich Bag & Sandwich Sofa

Biodegradable Sandwich Bag With Window

Perfect for traditional square cut sandwiches, our compostable 2 compartment sandwich sofa fits neatly inside our compostable windowed bloomer sandwich bag.

Sandwich Platter

Biodegradable Sandwich Platter

Ideal for larger catering, our compostable sandwich platters boast a plant-based PLA window for visibility. Our platters are available in either regular or large and come with a variety of insert options to separate varieties as required.

Baguette Packaging

Biodegradable Baguette Tray

We also offer compostable baguette trays and baguette collars to prevent longer rolls from falling apart.


Biodegradable Sandwich Sheets

For sandwiches that are freshly made to order, we have a variety of eco-friendly greaseproof sheets available.

#2 Ramp Up Your Appeal

Once you've got the sandwich right and evaluated that the packaging is fit for purpose, the next step is ramping up it's appeal. 

We've highlighted three areas you should turn your attention to.


Eco-friendly stickers for sandwich bags

Make sure your sandwiches are appropriately and clearly labelled with ingredients. Our write-on compostable stickers can provide an easy, personal way of highlighting what's inside. If you use organic or extraordinary produce or if your product is vegan friendly or free from allergens make sure this is something that you're highlighting to your potential customers.


Custom Printed Biodegradable Packaging

Branding is such an important aspect when you're looking to grow your business. To support you in increasing your brand awareness we offer a wide range of custom print options across our range of eco-friendly packaging. If this is something you'd like to discuss further, get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Be a Good Fit For The Market

Buy Compostable Food Packaging UK

It's important to continually reassess your offering alongside your market to ensure you remain competitive and continue to be successful. A simple method to do this is to look at your 4 P's.

  • Product - Are you selling the right product that's in demand for your market?
  • Price - Are you selling at the right price?
  • Promotion - Can you offer any promotions to boost brand recognition and sales?
  • Place - Are you selling in the right place?

Packaging plays an important role within the food and drink industry, it's important that it functions well, delivers freshness and provides a positive representation of the brand.

Packaging your products in eco-friendly, certified compostable packaging not only delivers freshness but it speaks volumes about your brands commitment to a more sustainable future for our planet.

If you'd like to test out any of our products, you can request free samples online or give us a call on 020 7183 8962.

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