Should You Consider a Vegan Menu?

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Should You Consider a Vegan Menu?

The food and drink sector is noticing a significant increase in the demand for vegan friendly offerings. The UK in particular has a huge interest in plant-based diets, with many consumers choosing vegan diets for several reasons including healthier eating, animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

Restaurants, cafes and coffee shops across the UK are responding to this demand by launching plant-based menus. Some of the top vegan food trends this year as highlighted by Infiniti Research includes;

Meat Alternatives

Delicious plant-based alternatives can make appetising vegan friendly meals.

Full Fat

Vegan friendly foods that have a high fat content such as avocado, coconut, nuts and seeds are becoming increasingly popular as they contain healthy fats.

Vegan Friendly Desserts

Take a quick look through social media using #vegan and you'll find that vegan desserts are extremely appealing with heavenly vegan friendly brownies, caramel slices, cookies and more.

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