Plastic Free July - Giving Up Single Use Plastics

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Plastic Free July - Giving Up Single Use Plastics

Plastic Free July is an excellent movement which has encouraged over a million people worldwide to refuse single-use plastics throughout July.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about plastic ending up in landfill and polluting the oceans - Plastic Free July gives consumers the opportunity to really take action against plastic.

If you already use our sustainably sourced compostable packaging make sure you're promoting your commitment to sustainability to your customers as well as raising awareness on the benefits of compostable products.

If you've been thinking about switching to eco-friendly food packaging, Plastic Free July is an excellent opportunity to make the switch.

All of our products are independently certified 100% compostable. Our packaging is of extremely high quality and is made from sustainably sourced plant based materials such as;

  • PLA - Made from cornstarch. Used for the lining of cups and containers as well as clear cold drinks cups.
  • RCPLA - Recycled high heat PLA. Used to make our super strong cutlery.
  • Paper and Card - Sustainably sourced, using recycled content where possible.
  • Sugarcane Bagasse - The dry fibrous residue that is left once the sugarcane has been pressed for juice. Used to make our sugarcane tableware and takeaway boxes.
  • Palm Leaf - Fallen Areca Palm leaves which are pressed into shape to create our beautiful tableware range.

Take action now and eliminate single-use plastics in your business.

For more information on any of our products or to arrange delivery of your free samples get in touch.

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