World Oceans Day Launches Exciting New Services from Green Man

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World Oceans Day Launches Exciting New Services from Green Man

In celebration of World Oceans Day - 8th June 2019, we're excited to announce the launch of two new services provided by Green Man.

Complimentary Eco-Audits

Businesses are being held increasingly accountable for the impact they have on the environment. Consumers have high expectations for your business to ensure you’re doing everything you can to reduce the impact on our environment.

Free eco-audit

We understand that while reducing the environmental impact of your business is a high priority, action often gets delayed due to time constraints and other priorities.

To help your business reduce impact on the environment, Green Man offer a complimentary plastic eco-audit to identify what improvements your business can make.

What’s involved?

Our eco-audits are carried out by our professional and experienced auditors who will meet with you to assess your businesses current impact on the environment, build on the strengths you already have and provide recommendations for improvement.

Key benefits

  • Professional audit
  • Increased awareness of your businesses environmental impact
  • Recommendations on what your business can do to reduce negative impact on the environment

Compostable Packaging Collection Service

Compostable packaging disposal uk

Green Man have launched London's first compostable packaging collection service.

It's extremely simple;

1. We’ll supply you with the waste bags for your compostable packaging.

2. The waste will be collected at the kerbside and taken for composting.

For more information on any of our new services get in touch - we’d love to hear from you!

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