Is Your Festival Plastic Free? Here's Some Tips.

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Is Your Festival Plastic Free? Here's Some Tips.

UK festivals are promising to eliminate single use plastic by 2021 - Do you know the impact that using single use plastic at your festival or event has on the environment?

Plastic waste causes utter devastation across the planet. From air and land pollution to the harmful effects on marine life, plastic causes a huge negative impact on the natural environment.

The good news is that companies are striving to abolish this issue. The Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) has launched the "Drastic on Plastic" campaign which has over 60 UK festivals signed up with their commitment to eliminate single use plastic by 2021.

Eliminating single use plastics from your festival may be easier than you'd first imagined. In fact a large issue with food packaging is that it generally cannot be recycled due to the contamination with the food or drink when in use.

At Green Man Packaging our entire product range is made from plants, contains NO PLASTIC and can be composted with general food waste after use.

Our top tips for eliminating single-use plastic from food and drink purchased at your festival or event are;

  1. Insist all traders use compostable food packaging - Make sure to explain the reasons for this. Not only is it better for the environment, it boosts the eco-credientials of both the festival and the traders.
  2. Design a bin system - Ensure that there are a sufficient amount of bins which are clearly labelled with the materials that can be put in each.
  3. Recruit and train recycling volunteers - It's a good idea to recruit and train recycling volunteers on the materials and which bins they should go in. Recycling volunteers should police the bins to ensure the right items go into each bin.

If you're interested in compostable products for your festival or event we can offer exclusive discounts for your trader as well as free delivery to the festival site. You can find out more information here

To get started please contact us.

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