How 2020 Changed Hospitality

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How 2020 Changed Hospitality

To say that 2020 brought challenges for the entire hospitality industry would be a massive understatement. Time stood still back in March 2020 when our Prime Minister announced that all of the UK would be thrown into total lockdown. Business owners and employees alike still shudder to think back to how they felt, wondering if their businesses would survive.

Hospitality is a vital part of our economy, the fourth-largest industry in the UK. In this article we wanted to highlight the strength, persistence and innovation shown by those in our sector when faced with a global pandemic and national lockdown.

Staying In Became The New Going Out

When we were told to stay at home innovative thinkers within our industry came up with new offerings to excite, delight and comfort us. They offered us delicious cheese and graze boxes packaged up in compostable home delivery boxes, our favourite cocktails at home in plastic-free drinks cups and our favourite dishes delivered to our door in eco-friendly kraft hot food boxes.

Offering New Services

Caterers worked hard to think of new ideas of bringing their restaurants and signature dishes to those at home. Some restaurants were required to think of new kitchen arrangements so they could adhere to social distancing and protect their staff, while others embraced technology and offered cook at home meal kits with a live demonstration via Zoom.

Entrepreneurs Were Made

Faced with closures of their livelihoods, some got the drive to start up their own businesses. Hobby bakers offered delicious treats at home which provided us much needed comfort and normality. Chef’s pursued their dreams of owning their own kitchens bringing us exquisite dishes we didn’t even know we were missing.

Throughout the continued challenges for our industry one thing is certain, the strength and persistence shown is nothing short of inspirational. Chefs, bakers and restaurateurs have brought comfort and familiarity to us when we needed it most. We as a nation will continue to stick together and support our local businesses.

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