How Lidl Is Surpassing Other UK Supermarkets

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How Lidl Is Surpassing Other UK Supermarkets

Lidl has become the first UK supermarket to ditch black plastic from their fruit and veg range. Better yet, they have further plans for removing black plastic for more of their food ranges. Plans include;

  • Remove black plastic from all fresh fish by February 2019
  • Remove black plastic from fresh meat, poultry and cured meat by August 2019
  • Scrap single-use plastic items including straws, disposable plates, cups and cutlery

Why Is Black Plastic So Bad?

Black plastic packaging is difficult to recycle, as many of the widely used sorting systems cannot sort it for recycling due to the pigment in the dye. As a result, black plastic packaging often ends up being disposed of in landfill.

How It Affects Business

Recently there has been a movement encouraging consumers to refuse black plastic packaging in a bid to persuade manufacturers and supermarkets to stop using it.

Issues concerning single-use plastic waste are becoming more and more important to consumers and are impacting their purchasing decision.

By making a simple switch from single-use plastics to compostable alternatives, you can help the environment and boost your eco-credentials.

Why not give it a try? We offer free samples across our range for you to try out our packaging before you buy.

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