A Beginners Guide To Eco-Friendly Takeaway Packaging

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A Beginners Guide To Eco-Friendly Takeaway Packaging

When you decide the time is right to ditch harmful plastics in favour of eco-friendly sustainable food packaging, it can be overwhelming to try and find the right solution for your business.

At Green Man Packaging, all of our products are certified 100% compostable so that you can rest assured that no matter your choice, it will be a certified compostable and sustainably sourced product.

Many of our products are extremely versatile, with multi-purpose uses. We offer free samples so that you can try out our products to find the most suitable products for you.

If you offer food to go, we have a wide range of eco-friendly packaging available.

Burgers, Chips and Hot Food

Compostable containers for chip shops

Our eco-friendly burger boxes are made from bagasse (recycled sugarcane) and are available in 5inch, 6inch and 7inch. We also offer burger wrap (made from FSC-certified paper) which is available in plain or with the green tree design.

For chip shops we have a range of eco-friendly disposable chip cones (made from sustainably sourced paper), chip trays (made from bagasse, recycled sugarcane), chip scoop (made from sustainably sourced paper) and clamshell boxes (made from bagasse, recycled sugarcane).


Compostable Pizza Boxes

Our pizza boxes are made from sustainably sourced paper and are certified 100% compostable, they are designed to be composted along with food waste after use. We also offer a unique design of a pizza box with handle and a pizza slice tray which is ideal for serving at festivals and events.

Hot Food Cartons

Compostable Hot Food Containers

Our disposable hot food cartons are extremely popular as they boast a grease-resistant lining and leak-proof corners. Hot food cartons are made from sustainably sourced board and a water-based lining. Available in a range of sizes from 32oz noodle boxes to 64oz cartons.

Gourmet Containers

Compostable Gourmet Containers

Our eco-friendly gourmet containers have a unique anti-spill design making them ideal for hot or cold food on the go. The containers are made from sugarcane and have 9 base options and 3 lid options so you can mix and match as required.

Bon Appetit Bowls

Compostable Bon Appetit Bowls

Bon Appetit bowls are the latest innovation in our range which are ideal for serving up curries and burrito bowls. These wide rim bowls are made from sustainably sourced paperboard with a plant-based PLA lining.


Compostable Ice Cream Containers

If delicious treats are your thing, we've a selection of eco-friendly disposable crepe cones  (made from sustainably sourced paper), ice cream containers (made from sustainably sourced paper with PLA lining), cake slice boxes and cupcake boxes (made from sustainable sourced paper with a plant based PLA window).

If you'd like to try out our products, submit a sample request and we'll send you out free samples. 

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